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5 Natural ways to prevent dog ticks and fleas

Have you ever considered natural means in treating your pets against bugging ticks and fleas? Then you should start to think about it now. Veterans have continued to favor the use of natural means over the artificial medication in treatments against these ectoparasites. The major benefit emphasized in this campaign, emanates from the danger we expose this animals to, by having to use toxic repellants on this sensitive, self-licking feline creatures. Corollary to this behavior, it makes it even more delicate to use this natural repellants on the pets.

Instead of being tied up with tedious measures of having to clean your pet house and bedding, here are few natural ways you can take to tackle the parasite on its host;


comb for fleasUsing the Flea Combo

This is an exterior applied repellent by use of the combo brush. This is a simple method that purely involves the use of natural ingredient friendly for your dog. It is prepared by boiling water over the pot, and adding a proportionate amount of freshly chopped lemon fruit. This process is practically done to extract the limonene extract on the lemon juice, very friendly to the skin and toxin to ticks and fleas. The concentration to which this mixture is formed should range relevant to the size and age of the pet.

Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

This is applied by either bathing or spraying the pet with the repellant. Using this repellent is friendly. It would not change your pet PH in any way. Its mixture is formed from proportionate ingredient of apple cider vinegar, and mild form of shampoo. However, it is still recommended that in either applying the shampoo or the ACV directly on the pet, give it a while to take effect, then wash thoroughly thereafter in an approximate time of five minutes.

Dry D.E Shampoo

The dry diatomaceous earth (DE) shampoo is manufactured from naturally occurring fossilized rock with hard shelled algae. DE can be easily grinded into powder, to offers secure methods of repelling fleas, whilst friendly to the pets and humans. This powder has the ability to sliver through the parasites waxy exoskeleton, killing ticks and fleas. Nonetheless, it is advisable to use only approved stones powder, as suspicion have emerged about on the effect of using its crude form. Clinicians however, are ongoing with the refinement protocols.

Biological Warfare

These entail using nematodes to drive out fleas. The beneficial nematodes prescribed for this case, is different from the other known nematodes, as they are the friendly species usually recommended for pest control. This nematodes love for fleas make them ideal for use in pets, and makes it very safe to leave your pet around them.

Soapy water Flea Trap

Fleas are always attracted to light gleaming opulence, a quality that makes it even easier to get rid of them. All one has to do is set the trap of shallow soapy lukewarm water under the light and wait for them to drown.

The pet keepers should at all times blend this various natural repellants, to mark out the ideal combination that their pets are likely to conform with.

Nexgard is great for preventing fleas!Flea Prevention

Though it’s not natural, there are many products on the market that can be used to prevent and kill fleas on your dog. Some are topical, and others are in pill form. Common ones are Frontline Plus, Merial Nexgard Chewables, as well as K9 Advantix and others. You can also buy heartworm revolution for cats as well, which does a good job for our feline companions.

“Natural” is all well and good, but sometimes good’ole fashion science wins the day at the point of attack! 🙂