Animal Health How to Control Ticks and Fleas

nasty looking creatureTicks and fleas are a major nuisance to the health and development of many animals. Fleas can transmit tapeworms. They can cause itching, which causes scratching leading to hair loss in some animals like cats and dogs.Ticks also cause Lyme disease, which is characterized by fever, swollen joints and lameness in cats. Therefore, it’s very essential to control the infection by ticks and fleas on your animals in order to maintain the health and development of your animals.There are several ways highlighted on this guide, which are essential in prevention and control of ticks, and fleas.

1.Regular clearing of bushes in your surrounding

This is an effective method to control the infestation of ticks and fleas into you surrounding.The bushes offer breeding sites for ticks and fleas destroying them prevents ticks from infesting into your compound hence they cannot infect your animals.

2. Controlling the outdoor movement of your animals

This can be very difficult because dogs and cats like going outside. However, you should control their movement outside so that ticks and fleas don’t infect them.

3.Take your animals for regular checkups by the doctors

Doctors can help remove ticks and fleas from the body surface of the animals as well as diagnose for any disease caused by these parasites.

4.Tick dips

Application of dips to animals is also an effective way of controlling infection by ticks to animals.A dip is concentrated product, whichis diluted with water and applied to the animal’s body surface either by sponge or by pouring.It is good to note that dipping should not be applied to younger animals and one should not rinse the animal once the dip has been applied.

5. Apply powder to the animal

Powder can be applied to the animal’s body,This powder kills ticks and fleas hence preventing infection to the animal. Powder can also be applied to the animal’s bedding or places where the animals likes staying.

6. Use of shampoo

There are shampoos available in the market that contain ingredients that kill ticks and fleas. Always wash your pets with this type of shampoos after every two weeks. Also carefully read the instructions of the product before applying it on the animal.

7. Use on-spot medication

On-spot medication can be bought online or from a store. The medication is gently applied on the animal. The medication kills ticks and fleas.

8. Use of oral medication

Oral medication is administered orally. Unlike on spot, medication people who use this type of medication do not have to worry about their kids coming into contact with the body surface of the animal.Oral medication can treat any disease infected to the animal; by ticks and fleas.Oral medication is administered using pills.

9. Use of tick collars

This is an effective way of preventing infection by ticks and fleas to dogs and cats. A collar is worn around the neck of the animal, the collar contains ingredients which kill ticks .This method is used to kill ticks on the head and neck surfaces.