Bugging Those Fleas Out of Your Dog

Musical Fleas!Overview

Pets and particularly dogs are known to be man’s best friend. Like any other human, pets share in the comfort of our homes, drive in our cars and are great companion in outdoor activities. This exposes them to germs.

Dogs too are known to be adventurers’ animals, and in the process may encounter bugging fleas. Definitely if we are destined to have a happy and healthy home, we should consider caring for these animals. Many people usually dread the idea of caring for their dogs, especially after noticing these fleas in their vicinity. Nonetheless, in observing a routine checkup for your dog with a veterinarian is a step to a healthy living.


To keep this tiny beasties at bay, some prescribed medication according to veterans may include;

Flea collar: It might be quite involving to continuously comply with a regular dosage application. This may be daunting especially when you must attend to other duties that require your attention and not make it in time for administering the dosage. Flea collar is meant to offer a permanent solution, and keeps flea control constant and stable. This is by mixing a 3.5 of cedar oil, with two spoons full of water and 5 drops of the eye dropper. Proceed to gently rubbing this mixture on the dog collar, or similarly use a bandana. Tie it up in your dog’s neck and just observe to reapply it on a weekly basis.

Flea deterring drink: This is an oral medication, prepared by; stirring a teaspoon of Bragg’s apple vinegar, to dog’s drinking water. Ideally to enhance a pup skin and coating, this medication can be supplemented with other forms of medication.

comb for fleasFlea Comb: Majorly made from lemon. The limonene extract is the vital ingredient that is capitalized on in killing these fleas. To achieve this, one simply boils water and slice in the lemon fruits. Let the mixture to cool and use combo brush run this lemonade mixture on the dog’s fur.

Flea Spray: The spray is staffed with the medicinal mixture of a cup of vinegar, I quart of water, 3 drops of cedar oil. Fill the spray and mist your dog, taking precaution not to get into direct contact with this irritating solution. Be sure to spray your pets bedding and its other personal effect for the best result.

Flea (be-gone) bag: This appears to be a little sachet, full of fragrance. Remarkable of this fragrance is their odor in driving away fleas from your pet. For the directive, cut two 6 inch square of the breathable fabric sew it well and fill in handful of fragrant cedar chip. Add 2 teaspoon of lavender and a lemon peel. Place this mixture under the pet’s bedding and replace it on a monthly basis.

Flea Bath: This will involve bathing the dog in a mixture of a well stirred half cup of lemon, two caps of fresh water and a half a cap of mil pet-friendly shampoo.

Always sample out this techniques of flea control to determine the one your dog will be well conversant with. Exploit the remedy whilst observing the prescription for the best result.